About us

The Fantacycling adventure began in 2010 when a few cycling enthusiasts, born in the 1970s, decided to create a game where they could exchange and compete their knowledge and passion for the popular and noble sport of cycling.
We love runners, the history of cycling, teams and we have the greatest respect for the sport and its actors.

Fantacycling's staff is primarily composed of volunteer and passionate cycling fans:
Lucho "Il Diablo" Ferrer: Co-founder, editor and general manager
Jean "Le Gitan de Huy": Co-founder, illustration, live coverage and general management
Alain "Les Petits P├ępins": Co-founder, Technical Development and General Management
Eddy Breckx: Writing
Piticoujou: Writing

We have a twofold approach:

The first approach is the game, which allows everyone to create teams by predicting the riders and their future performance on the events. All this to test your knowledge or luck in a friendly game with no other challenge than the pleasure of building a career over the seasons and winning trophies.

The second approach is journalistic and encyclopedic. We publish articles on glorious teams of yesteryear, on current races, sometimes on runners, or on specific events. We are starting to develop this part of the site.

Our point of view is rather analytical with a certain second degree of respect for everyone. We keep statistical data of all the races of our competitions and they are available since 2013. We have no sponsors or funding of any kind and sometimes we have to deal with busy schedules. We ask your indulgence for the errors inherent in this state of affairs.

We are happy that you are paying attention to our site and, if necessary, that you join us in this fun adventure.
Thank you.